DanArkle1@gmail.com   tel. 07906 989362

I'm a photographer based in Sheffield.  I'm known for my Night Climbing Photography where I use very long exposures and headtorches to show my path as I climb at night.

I love the landscape of the Peak District, and get out as often as I can to capture its changing light.  I am really interested in colour, and try to make my images reflect the colours as I experience them.  I also teach photography in the Peak District with PureOutdoor.  We offer group workshops to help people get to grips with using dSLRS for landscape photography, and also 1:1 tuition.  Details at PureOutdoor.

I have been a keen climber for 20 years, and take photos to capture the places, the fear and the elation of this serious and gripping sport.

I am also interested in pushing equipment and technology.  I helped popularise 'Little Planet' photography, and use multple exposures to deal with otherwise impossible lighting.  Recently I have been making extremely high resolution photos of climbing areas.  If printed at standard photo resolution, these would be 30+ metres wide, have a look here. Stanage Zoomtopo.


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