'Nightsoloing at Stanage'

For this unusual image, I set the camera on a 12 minute exposure on a tripod, and went climbing up and down some routes on Stanage Edge, Derbyshire.

 I wore two headtorches, one to see, and one pointing at the camera to give the continuous trail of light. Without it, a weaker indirect trail would result, which would have looked odd in comparison with the strong trail when I walked back or looked towards the camera.

It was pitch black and December, but the exposure was long enough to show some detail and colour.

Then I got to the top of the first climb the rock was covered with ice.  As I was climbing solo and ropeless, this gave me a few scarey moments as I found a way round. The climbs are around 20m/60foot high.  Overall it didn't feel too dangerous as the climbs were relatively easy and well within my comfort zone (honest mum!).

When I got down I couldn't find the camera in the dark, and then the battery for the remote shutter release battery had died in the cold.

The star trails in the sky are formed when the stars appear to move in the sky due to the earth spinning on its axis (just as the sun does).  As the North Star (Polaris) is above the North Pole, it appears stationary and the other stars seem to move round it.  Any exposure of longer than 15 seconds will result in some star movement being captured.  Also notice that the colours of the stars are different.  We don't normally see this as our eyes can't see well in colour when it is very dim. The reason why is interesting - google it!

For Climbers the details are;
Castle Crack  (HS 4b **) first, then down the cool descent behind the chockstone, up Crack and Corner (HVD) which is always a bit awkward, then down Grotto Slab (mod). It took a bit of time to decide which routes would look best, I needed to face North to get Polaris in, and needed and an aesthetic line with the down climbs visible, plus an attractive bit of crag.

For Photographers the details are;
Exposure f/4 813sec  ISO 100.
Canon 450D with remote release.
Lens Tokina 10-17mm fisheye @10mm - fisheye effect mostly corrected after.
To get the exposure right I take shorter shots at max ISO and  find the time needed to get the exposure ok.
Then I double the exposure time whilst halving the ISO until ISO 100 is reached.
E.g. a good exposure in 45secs at ISO 1600 is equal to 1.5min at ISO 800 or 3 min at ISO 400, 6 min at ISO 200 or 12min at ISO 100.
Doing it this way speeds up the trial and error process.
Focussing is also problematic, I drop a headtorch on the bit I want in focus, then focus manually.
It was difficult to process too, with different coloured light sources, tricky exposure, and a mix of noise and detail to seperate

This one prints much better onto canvas than paper.

It is also available as a print but only up to A4 size, £50 for the print and postage.

Canvas Prices are
60cm   wide £85
80cm   wide £95
100cm wide £140
120cm wide £170
150cm wide £220 including postage.
They should arrive in 14days, if you need it sooner then a 2-3 day delivery will be £25 more.

Unless requested otherwise, all canvasses will be gallery wrapped.
This means the print will extend onto the edges of the canvas.

To keep prices low I use a good value printer, who uses non-warping mdf frames rather than softwood. 
If you'd like to upgrade to a more premium option with softwood frames, heavier pure cotton canvas and wooden tightening wedges then add £40 if below 100cm wide, ask if you want it wider.

Feedback has been good so far;
"The canvas has arrived and is fabulous. Thank you very much. Nicola"
"I was at my friends house last night and saw the print - it is absolutely fantastic!
Thank you very much!! I know that we will enjoy it for years to come!
 best wishes, Alison"

I'll often have a 80cm wide one in stock in Sheffield or in Outside, Hathersage if you'd like a look.

To order, just email me at danarkle1@gmail.com telling me what you'd like.
I'll email back with bank transfer details, and once funds are cleared will get it ordered.

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