Zoomtopo is a partnership between myself and Roger Brook.  We make amazing high resolution crag shots.

The image above is called 'The Popular End', and shows Stanage Edge, which is the most popular climbing area in the UK.

It was created from 500 high res photos and the detail is incredible.  You can zoom in enough to see peoples faces.  

The photos base photos were taken within an hour, but I've returned dozens of times since, and captured lots of climbers in interesting positions, and then added these.

There are 250 people in the photo! Can you find:

  • The guy about to fall off Flying Buttress Direct!
  • People posing for photos
  • Someone being given a leg-up by his wife.
  • Someone slacklining.
  • Students toproping off a single cam.

We have also created an overlay to show the different climbing routes. You can make it show routes by name, grade, or switch it off by clicking 'Display,' then 'All.' 

The Ben Nevis photo below is 7000 megapixels.
More importantly, it was taken with care on a busy day, so there are lots of interesting details to see.
Here is the full image.

Zooming in shows its a busy day on the classic Orion Face.

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